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The Only Tool by Barry Homrighaus

Artisan Center Instructor
Fused and Cast Glass (17"x 12"x 6")
"My work is informed by immersion in commercial manufacturing, study with glass artists, and
experimentation in my home studio. It has long familial and professional roots in craft, making,
and industry.
As a teen, I worked with my grandfather, a house painter, whose skills included tinting paint,
graining faux woodwork, and applying gold leaf. My mother was an extraordinarily talented
knitter. In college, I took a job on the factory floor of a window plant, which led to forty years in
the industry. I began my training with stained glass in the 1980s in Carol Mason’s workshops,
and by the 2000s I had studied methods of fusing and kiln-forming glass with Newy Fagan and
Linda Ethier. In 2011, I attended Pilchuck Glass School, learning casting and cold working from
Richard Whiteley.
My studio embodies the intersection of industrial manufacture with creative expression.
Visitors have commented it resembles a factory floor—a space occupied with respect for tools,
precision, technology, innovation, and imagination."
The Only Tool by Barry Homrighaus