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The Bottom Dweller by Kristen Geyer

Artisan Center Staff
Acrylic and Re-purposed Wood (13.5" x 15.5")
"This piece is named the “Bottom Dweller”. It is a play on Plato’s allegory of the cave with a modern twist. In place of captivating shadows, the cave presents a structure. At the top is a cold and electric light. This light represents that which is false, does not appeal to a higher nature, or in opposition to our innate passion. It represents the expectations of others, pressure of society, and the dictates of ego. Upon ascending the pyramid, the vantage point becomes restricted as we were are immersed in our position and desire to reach the summit.
From the bottom, one can view a larger scope, while possessing the opportunity to journey in any direction. It speaks to the value in searching the soul, climbing the thorny vines and out of the cave, where the warm golden light, represents our true purpose and individuation. In hindsight, one might feel doubt about their position in life and how it compares to imposed expectations. This piece is meant to encourage the more difficult path to achieving true will. No matter where in the process and how difficult it may be, in rejecting the false path, there is hope."
The Bottom Dweller by Kristen Geyer