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Water and Time Change the Earth by Steve Bolger

Artisan Center Student
Clay, Stone, and Wood (15"x 8"x 2.5")
"This is a clay, multi-media piece representing a retrospective of many of the elements used in its creation . "Clay from soil - Soil from sand and organic - Sand from stones - Stones from rocks. All transformed by both Water and Time." This is not only a "retrospective", but represents a continuing cycle hundreds of thousands year old and, if we are fortunate, hundreds of thousands of years to come. This piece then is just a snap-shot in time of the elements as they exist now. The retrospective here is that all of these current elements once existed as an earlier form of themselves.
The materials used are red clay, actual shore washed stones, actual shore washed drift wood and various glazes, all with an acrylic overlay."
Water and Time Change the Earth by Steve Bolger