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Fire and Water by Jennifer Jordan

Beadwork (glass beads on leather)
3" x 3" x .025"

"Jennifer J. Jordan, Ph.D., is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. Jennifer ‘s father, Jim Jordan, and her great-aunt, the late Josephine Oudenhoven, taught her to bead at the age of 18 as she needed to bead her regalia for the Miss Oneida pageant. Throughout the years Jennifer learned and perfected various beadwork techniques including flatwork, loom work, and raised beadwork. She has taught several beginning bead work classes and feels it is important to keep the art form alive so it can be enjoyed for the next seven generations.
Jennifer feels very fortunate to have learned various beadwork techniques under the tutelage of Carol “Coke” Smith and Betty Willems. She finds inspiration in looking at nature as nature has so many color and texture gradients, plus nothing is perfect in nature and neither are we."
Fire and Water by Jennifer Jordan