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Of Restlessness and Water by Kathryn Dreifuerst

30" x 30"

"This work is from my series of surreal skyscapes, each of which begins with a transcendent sky. The inspiration of the women swimming through the clouds came from my routine of swimming laps at dawn. The title comes from Nightswimming, a song by R.E.M. I am a potter and a painter, a gallerist, a teacher, and an arts advocate.

I create functional pottery for people to use. I work with clay for the tactile pleasure, and the immediacy of such a forgiving medium. I love the intuitive relationship I have with clay.

I paint for myself. My paintings often are inspired by words, (poetry, prose, or lyrics) My recent work has become more surreal and escapist. My oil paintings are guided by Tolstoy’s words: “All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.” "
Of Restlessness and Water by Kathryn Dreifuerst