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The Blessing of Work by Cherie Burbach

Mixed media: oil stick, ink, acrylic, paper, lace
16" x 20"

"Cherie Burbach has been an artist and writer since she was very young. Words and images have always been linked for her when it comes to expression and creativity.

She paints with vibrant colors that offer a positive, hopeful message. Sometimes this is done with whimsical animals, girls, or flowers and other times it combines words and poetry. For Cherie, art is all about emotion.

Cherie loves to reuse items for her art, and works with ephemera, acrylic paints, oil sticks, pastels, and ink. Very often words combine with the art in some way, either from Bible verses, a thought or emotion, or lines from her original poetry. Cherie encourages people to get up close to her art and see the small details that are included."
The Blessing of Work by Cherie Burbach