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Printheatmap 2019 FINAL2019 Art Annual JUROR STATEMENTThe Key by Christine Alfreyde Wardener's Music for Detuned Pianos: Deranged Landscape by Cristian AndersonPeaceful Protest by Lisa BaltesThe Girls at the County Fair by Sally BernerThe Force is Strong by Janine BuechnerThe Blessing of Work by Cherie BurbachRed Rising by Dan CrossIMMACULATE DESCENSION by William DaisTime Machine Operator by Chelle DiederichOf Restlessness and Water by Kathryn DreifuerstFire and Water by Jennifer JordanWampum Dancer by Jennifer JordanThe Hive #2 by Laurie BoyerDancing with Wings by Jennifer JordanThe Continuity by Gregory FredericRoad Trip Series: Golden Fields III by Tom FrieseCollection II, 2119 by Joyce Fritz