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June 4th, 1917. The Old Brown County Court House

"The old Brown County Court House, at the South-West corner of Jefferson and Cherry streets, was built in 1870, and abandoned in 1910 when the new Court House was completed just one block to the south. After the United States entered the World War in 1917, one of Green Bay's many patriotic groups decided that the American Flag should be flying from the tall flagstaff on the tower of the old Court House, and offered a prize of $25.00 to anyone who would climb the flagpole and insert a new rope, which had been missing for several years. And if you'll look closely, you'll see him in this picture very near the top of the pole - close to his goal, and - needless to say - his $25.00 award. He was an intrepid painter by the name of Bardouche and he very successfully accomplished the assignment. Thanks to his daring venture, the flag waved daily from it's prominent mast, during the remainder of World War I."

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June 4th,  1917.  The Old Brown County Court House